Background of Talent Diagnostic

The Talent Diagnostic is a free anonymous online survey tool that assesses strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s talent systems, highlighting opportunities for improvement.

This proprietary tool was developed by Open Capital in 2016 as part of the Argidius & ANDE Talent Challenge that aimed to develop unique tailored talent solutions to address human capital challenges that constraint growth among organizations.

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About the Talent Diagnostic

The Talent Diagnostic can be deployed in English, French and Swahili, enables you to collect feedback from employees and managers separately providing deeper insights on your talent system and structures. It contains a set of questions that assesses an organization’s talent system across 6 key areas:

  1. 1. Engagement – How engaged are your employees with their work, teams and alignment with your company vision and mission?
  2. 2. Learning and Career Development - Does your organization foster development aligned to strategy?
  3. 3. Organization and role structure - Are roles structured to motivate employees and promote accountability?
  4. 4. Performance management - Does your organization define, measure, and reward high performance?
  5. 5. Compensation & Benefits - What is your compensation philosophy and do employees understand it?
  6. 6. Workplace culture & well-being - Does the team understand your values? Does your leadership live them?

After your employees complete the survey, the tool will automatically generate a report which aggregate scores on each area and benchmark scores which compare your organization to peers, allowing you to view your performance the same way your employees do.

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How It Works

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Create an account to get started.

Use the button below to create an account for your organization and access your portal with a custom dashboard.

If you have used the Diagnostic before, we have transferred all your information and reports to the new database. If you have not received an email on creating an account, please contact us at talentdiagnostic@opencapital.com

Create your surveys

The Talent Diagnostic has pre-generated surveys for employees, managers, and the HR official. You have the ability to split these into subgroups for example for different departments or geographies. Additionally, the surveys can also be taken in either English, French or Kiswahili.


Share survey links

The system will automatically generate survey links and communication materials which you can distribute to employees and managers via email or your preferred method.

Surveys take ~15mins for each employee or manager to fill.

The employee and manager surveys are completely anonymous – we cannot link a response to an employee.

Receive customized reports

Once a threshold of employees has completed the surveys, the system will automatically generate a report at no cost. This report will encompass detailed information of all 6 talent areas and pointers on best practices. You can also compare score across different departments or sections of your organizations by sending a separate link to them. Lastly, it will show the performance of your organization relative to anonymized organizations that have completed the survey.

The report is designed to identify key issues and provide you with the information you need to identify and implement targeted solutions for maximum positive impact to your employees.



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What our clients say

"The talent diagnostic is a complete mind shift! and a path to connecting with the heart and souls of our employees! inspiring them to exceed customer expectations, always."

Agnes Mucuha
Founder, Urban Coffee

"OCA’s talent assessment gave our senior leadership team actionable insights, direct from our staff, and a clear bullseye of objectives to enact real change in our organization."

Nick Quintong
CEO, PayGo



We have developed a suite of free talent tools that can be used when building your internal talent capacity. These tools relate to the talent areas in the report generated by the Talent Diagnostic to help guide you on the following areas of development.



Frequently asked questions

Is the Talent Diagnostic free?

Yes, it is. It was developed in partnership with the Argidius Foundation in 2016 as part of The Argidius - ANDE Talent Challenge aimed at helping organizations streamline their talent process

Why is there no link generated for a manager survey for organizations with less than 15 people?

To ascertain the quality of reports that are generated by taking averages, we have limited the number of links that are generated by the organizations that have less than 15 employees.

Are the survey results completely anonymous?

Yes, the responder’s details are not tracked and the person who deploys the survey is not able to see individual responses. All reports will be anonymized and aggregated to ensure fairness.

Are the survey results completely anonymous?

Yes, the responder’s details are not tracked and the person who deploys the survey is not able to see individual responses. All reports will be anonymized and aggregated to ensure fairness.